About Jungle Filmorks

Established over 12 years ago, Jungle Filmworks has produced challenging works on a variety of media platforms, from 35mm to digital cinematography. Since inception, the company has held a strong position in the Nigerian professional production market, particularly in the production of Reality TV shows, Live Concerts and Commercials. Recently Jungle Filmworks has invested in over ₦250 Million of film equipment that has provided Support Services through rentals of high-end Lighting and Grip Equipment for international projects done in Nigeria, as required by modern film crews. We are currently the biggest film production company in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa, undertaking a vast array of high-intensive production work, while maintaining our very high standard of professionalism and work ethics at all times. The quality of our repertoire speaks for itself.

Our aim is to produce distinct and innovative TV and Feature content by networking through collaboration and co-productions with writers, directors, producers and other production houses, either new or established. We have worked for some of the continent's biggest conglomerates such as NESTLE PLC (Milo, Nido), GLOBACOM, NB PLC (Gulder, Star, Maltina, Legend) and GSK, to mention a few. In 2003, we were honoured to have been invited by the Federal Government to produce a mini - documentary designed for broadcast on CNN entitled THE WARM HEART OF AFRICA, which aired on the Network for one entire month. Jungle Filmworks has established an extensive client base and a host of foreign technical partners in the UK and South Africa

Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.

James Cameron

Our Culture

Jungle Filmworks will work with you to provide the best audiovisual solutions to fit your budget and achieve your objectives. We look forward to a mutually satisfying and fulfilling professional relationship with you, as we reassure you of our 100% dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm towards any of your projects that you may entrust to us.

We are innovative

Jungle Filmworks offers a vetted choice of staff ranging from Gaffers, Cameramen, Sound recordists, Editors and Support Crew with a wide range of experience. All are creative, reliable and pleasant to work with and have a track record of delivering excellent pictures and sound. They are committed to getting what you need for your edit.

We also routinely provide producers and other production crew depending on your requirements.Our range of expertise covers documentaries, drama shoots, music concerts, corporate shoots, reality TV, and other styles or formats of television programming.

We are awesome

We do multi-camera shoots for performances and events for broadcast or DVD release. We’ve also worked on reality television productions and commercials. From single to multi-camera, low budget to high-end; we have done it and we have the resources to achieve your objectives.

For full production services or just some expert advice. From budget preparation through to the finished edit, our Production Team can help you.

Our Services

At Jungle Filmworks we are a passionate film equipment hire company that delivers an unrivalled service by listening to its clients' needs, offering the best technical advice, and continually investing in the latest equipment.

Equipment Rental Price list

Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
12Kww/Electric Ballast₦70,000.00₦350,000.00
6Kww/Electric Ballast₦40,000.00₦200,000.00
6Kw Cineparw/Electric Ballast₦60,000.00₦300,000.00
4Kw cineparw/Electric Ballast₦40,000.00₦200,000.00
4Kww/Electric Ballast₦30,000.00₦150,000.00
2.5Kww/Electric Ballast₦20,000.00₦100,000.00
1.2Kww/Electric Ballast₦15,000.00₦75,000.00
575ww/Electric Ballast₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
200ww/Electric Ballast₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
400ww/Electric Ballast₦15,000.00₦75,000.00
Fresnel spotlights
Fresnel Spotlights
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
5KwBaby/Senior ₦5000.00₦25,000.00
2Kw CineparBaby/Senior ₦2500.00₦12,500.00
1KwPar can(spot/flood)₦2000.00₦10,000.00
2KwFollow spot₦3000.00₦15,000.00
2KwProfile light₦3000.00₦15,000.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
800wRed Head₦1500.00₦7500.00
125wSpace light₦5000.00₦25,000.00
6 lightMini brute₦4000.00₦20,000.00
200wSun gun₦2000.00₦10,000.00
1.2KwBalloon light(Airstar) Daylight₦15,000.00₦75,000.00
2.5KwBalloon light (Airstar) Tungsten₦15,000.00₦75,000.00
150wDedo Kit₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
400wDedo lite projector lens gobos₦15,000.00₦75,000.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Kino-Flo6ft x 4 Bank Daylight/Tungsten lamp₦6000.00₦30,000.00
Kino-Flo4ft x 4 Bank Daylight/Tungsten lamp₦4000.00₦20,000.00
Kino-Flo6ft x 2 Bank Daylight/Tungsten lamp₦3000.00₦15,000.00
Kino-Flo2ft x 4 Bank Daylight/Tungsten lamp₦4000.00₦20,000.00
Miniflo12v Kit₦5000.00₦25,000.00
Miniflo9" kit₦4000.00₦20,000.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
2.5kwArturo MA₦2,500.00₦12,500.00
1kwIris '1'₦1,500.00₦7,500.00
2kwIris '2'₦2,500.00₦12,500.00
4kwIris '4'₦4,000.00₦20,000.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
LED Groundrow₦10,000.00₦25,000.00
Colourblast with buffer₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
light support/accessories
Light Support/Accessories
Magic Clamps₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Magic Arm₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Flags and GoboFloopy,single,double₦1,500.00₦7,500.00
C-standArm and knukle₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Drop Arm4feet₦3,000.00₦15,000.00
Poly-board4x4, white and black₦1,500.00₦7,500.00
Poly-board4x8 White and Black₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Poly holderwith safty chain₦500.00₦2,000.00
Reflector board4x4ft Silver,Gold,Mirrow Gold₦2,500.00₦12,500.00
Pole Cats8ft,12ft₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Butterfly Frame6x6,8x8ft₦3,000.00₦15,000.00
Butterfly Frame12x12ft₦4,000.00₦20,000.00
Light StandSingle and Double Winding₦3,000.00₦15,000.00
Light StandHeavy Duty₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Butterfly Stand₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
Light StandSingle and Double Lift Universal₦3,000.00₦15,000.00
Light StandLow Boy Silver₦3,000.00₦15,000.00
Base plate₦1,000.00₦5,000.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Avolites48-Channel light mixer₦100,000.00₦500,000.00
RMD-6206-channel,120A,DMX IN and OUT (socapex cable)₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Strand Lighting 6pack6-channel,60A,DMX IN and OUT (16a Industrial socket input)₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Strand Lighting ACT66-channel,60A,(16a Industrial sockets input)₦7,000.00₦35,000.00
Strand Lighting ACT33-channel,75A(32a Indutrial sockets input)₦7,000.00₦35,000.00
Movie MasterIn-Line Dimmer 2.5k₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
25mmArmor cable₦7,000.00₦35,000.00
10mmArmor cable₦5,000.00₦ 25,000.00
32-32A Long Extension₦250.00₦1,250.00
16-16ALong Extension₦250.00₦1,250.00
32-32A Short Extension₦200.00₦1,000.00
16-16AShort Extension₦200.00₦1,000.00
32-32ASplitter Y₦200.00₦1,000.00
16-16ASplitter Y₦200.00₦1,000.00
125ADis. Boxes 5/16 - 3/32₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
200AChangeover Switch₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
100AChangeover Switch₦2,500.00₦12,500.00
200AGear switch₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
100AGear switch₦2,500.00₦12,500.00
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
150kva Mobile, Perkins engine, Single phase₦150,000.00₦750,000.00
100kvaMobile, Volvo engine, Single phase₦120,000.00₦600,000.00
100kvaTowable, perkins engine,single phase₦100,000.00₦500,000.00
100kvaTowable, perkins engine,single phase₦100,000.00₦500,000.00
Camera equipment
camera equipment
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Panasonic AG-AF101Full HD, Supports Micro Four Thirds Interchangable lens, Incorporates 4/3-inch, 16:9 imager, records 1080/50i,60i, 30p,25p,24p (native) and 720/60p,50p,30p,25p,24 (native) 60Hz/50Hz₦35,000₦175,000.00
Panasonic AG-HVX200 HD,1/3" 3CCD 16:9 HD/DVCPRO, Records on P2 card and Mini Dv Tape 82mm Zoom
Sony HVR-Z1UHDV1080i/720/DVCAM/Mini-DV Camcorder. 1/3 CCD. IEEE 1394 Interface. 16:9/4:3 switchable₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Canon EOS Mark 1121MP CMOS Sensor,3.9fps ,1080p,ISO 100-6400 calibrated range,ISO 50-25600 expansion,20 point AF system,3.0" 920,000 dot LCD,DIGIC 4 processor₦40,000.00₦200,000.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark 11122.3MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor,1080p,ISO 100-25600 standard,50-102,800 expanded,6fps continuous shooting,1080p30,61 point AF system,1040k dot 3:2 LCD,Dual card slots for CF and SD,DIGIC 5+ processor₦50,000.00₦250,000.00
Canon EOS 7D18MP APS-C CMOS sensor,8fps continuous shooting,1080p HD,3.0" 920,000 dots LCD,19 point AF system,₦30,000.00₦150,00.00
sound equipment
sound equipment
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Audio mixerSpirit Sx 20-Channel₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Soundcraft Spirit E12 12-channel input₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Audio mixerMarkie 4-Channel₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
SQN Audio mixer 5-Channel Input (loction mixer)₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
Shur FP33 3-Channel₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
RecorderFoxtex Recorder₦7,000.00₦35,000.00
RecorderH4N Zoom Recorder₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
RecorderSony Recorder₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
RecorderH1 Zoom Recorder₦3,000.00₦15,000.00
Earpiece MicrophoneCountryman E6 Ominidirectional Microphone₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
Earpiece MicrophoneShure MX153 Microphone₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
Senneheizer Radio Micew100 G Radio Transmitter and Receiver₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Senneheizer K6 MicMKN Riffle Boom mic₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Senneheizer 416 MicMKN Riffle Boom mic₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Senneheizer P48MKN Riffle Boom mic₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Senneheizer 816MKN Riffle Boom mic₦2,000.00₦10,000.00
Fish Pole17.8ft,10.6ft,8.8ft,6.7ft,5.4ft₦1,000.00₦5,000.00
grip equipment
grip equipment
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Movie Tech Crane 26 feet hight (manual operated)₦50,000.00₦250,000.00
Jimmy Jib30 feet high ₦60,000.00₦600,000.00
Platform Dolly&Track (Steel)2psc 8 feet long straight and Curve₦15,000.00₦75,000.00
Hague Dolly&Track (Fibre)2psc 8 feet long straight ₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Car Mount Side and Front₦10,000.00₦50,000.00
Movie Tech dolly&Track (fibre)2psc 8feet long straight and Curve₦30,000.00₦150,000.00
Zephyr Steadycamthe Sled,Arm and Vest with SD LCD Monitor₦40,000.00₦200,000.00
Phoenix Wind MachineIndustrial Fan₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
Sand Bags₦500.00₦2,500.00
StepladderA-fiber glass 5-Treads (10kg Max)₦5,000.00₦25,000.00
TrussTriangular Goal post₦20,000.00₦100,000.00
TrussRectangular 90ft₦60,000.00₦300,000.00
Stage Riser₦ifo flex length=6ft7inch,width=3ft3inch,height=1-5ft₦5,000.00₦25,000.00

Our Clients

Ghana Office

In Our Quest to bring the excellent service we provide to the whole of West Africa we opened in office in Ghana to service thier fledging film industry.


E234/3 5th ringway,ringway estate,Accra, Ghana



Contacts Us

Rental: +234-8034913387
Production: +234-8033950215
Sales: +234-80833212199

19 Sobo Arobiodu Street, G.R.A Ikeja Lagos. Nigeria, West Africa.